Franklin Lakes, NJ,- PTS Data Center Solutions today announced that the company’s Vice President, Michael Petrino, was featured in an article for titled, “Understanding Energy Efficiency Can Power Your Job Hunt”. is a leading career website for technology and engineering professionals, and the companies that seek to employ them, in the United States.

Wrote by esteemed journalist, Sue Hildreth, the article focuses on how understanding energy efficiency can be extremely beneficial when engaged in the IT job search. Two major topics that are highly beneficial in understanding are Virtualization and energy efficient data center design. Petrino, an expert on both topics goes on to quote, “Virtualization can help you reduce server load, and if you can reduce the amount of heat put out by the servers, you can decrease the cooling needed- knowing about virtualization would definitely be a selling point, because companies are talking about it”. On the topic of data center design Petrino quotes, “Hot aisle/cold aisle approach, which separates hot and cold air flows where cabinets are lined up face-to-face down some aisles, and back to back in alternate aisles.” Petrino goes on to quote, “This creates a cool aisle along the fronts, where AC can flow down and cool the servers, and a hot aisle along the backs, where exhaust air is discharged and circulated back to the AC system- anyone looking for a professional career in a data center should be familiar with the concept of hot aisle/cold aisle”.

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About Michael Petrino

Michael is the vice president of PTS Data Center Solutions. Having worked as a data center consultant, designer, and project manager for hundreds of client projects, Petrino is renowned for his expertise in the data center industry. In his role at PTS Data Center Solutions, Petrino is an integral part of the data center design firm’s ongoing success.

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