Franklin Lakes, NJ – Peter Sacco, president of PTS Data Center Solutions, is featured in’s three part Hot Spot Tutorial Article on Data Center Cooling., a trade publication website of leading online IT media company TechTarget, focuses on the latest news and trends for IT professionals in the data center industry.

The first article of the tutorial, titled “Strategies for Cooling a Server Room: Flooring, Cabling, Budget” (published June 30th, 2008) focuses on ways to implement energy efficiency in your server room while keeping within budget. The second article of tutorial, titled “Best Techniques for Cooling Blade Servers” (published July 8th, 2008) focuses on various ways to efficiently cool advanced blade servers. Peter Sacco goes on to quote, “Mixing hot and cold air is exactly the wrong approach to cooling blade servers; your goal should be to get a specific amount of cold air to the blade rack as directly as possible and then ventilate the now-heated air out of the room as quickly as possible”. The third and final article of the tutorial, titled “Best Strategies for Cooling Server rooms at SMBs” (published July 14th, 2008), focuses on the typical SMB server room, and how their cooling needs differ from a large business who incorporates thousands of servers in their data center.

Experts in the data design center industry, including Peter Sacco, president of PTS Data Center Solutions, were called upon to share their expertise on data center cooling. To see what Sacco had to say in the Hot Spot Tutorial, the articles can be viewed individually by accessing these links:

Article 1: Strategies for Cooling a Server Room: Flooring, Cabling, Budget
Article 2: Best Techniques for Cooling Blade Servers
Article 3: Best Strategies for Cooling Server Rooms at SMBs

About Peter Sacco

Peter Sacco is the founder and president of PTS Data Center Solutions. Pete has been involved in the data center/computer room industry as a consultant and engineer for over 10 years.

About PTS Data Center Solutions

Founded in 1998, PTS Data Center Solutions is a data center design firm and turnkey solutions provider, offering a broad range of project experience, specializing in designing data centers, computer rooms and technical spaces that integrate ‘best-of-breed’, critical infrastructure technologies and result in continuously available, scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, manageable and maintainable mission critical environments. PTS continues to set the standard for intelligent pre-planning with streamlined results by tailoring data center cooling systems to the specific needs of your space and equipment. To learn more, visit the company’s website at

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