Franklin Lakes, NJ, January 19, 2012 — PTS Data Center Solutions announced today the availability of Version 2.0 of the revolutionary Data Center Maintenance Management Software (DCMMS) Solution.

Released in March 2010, DCMMS was and remains the first of its kind software geared to improving efficiencies needed to maintain data center infrastructure. “At the time we released DCMMS, there was a gap in available Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools. Today, data center operations personnel have at their disposal asset discovery tools such as No Limits Software’s RaMP solution, various real-time monitoring products, building management systems, and IT monitoring and management solutions. What’s missing, however, is maintenance-specific software for the data center,” said PTS’ president and founder, Peter Sacco. “Two years ago we decided to address this specific niche with a product capable of supporting single site and many site data center operations.”

DCMMS provides a complete & integrated managed solution for operational maintenance for the data center and its support infrastructure. It works in conjunction with DCIM tools from all manufacturers and allows operations personnel to track, store, and maintenance all maintenance, spare parts, service histories, and work order “best practices” for facility supporting infrastructure.

The DCMMS Solution provides:

  • A comprehensive facilities and/or IT asset maintenance management system.
  • Pre-defined Preventative Maintenance tasks per data center support infrastructure solutions manufacturers.
  • Automated maintenance tracking for a variety of support infrastructure products including maintenance schedules, parts requirements and maintenance cycles per the manufacturer.
  • 70 pre-loaded asset and location icons for data center equipment.
  • Purchased or Software-as-a-Solution options.

New features of Version 2.0 include:

  • Complete audit tracking for change management control.
  • Full calendar and email integration for ease of scheduling service appointments.
  • Extensive automated reporting to allow tracking of maintenance and costs.
  • Easily create and then copy service routines across groups of like or similar assets.
  • Enhanced search routines to quickly target assets by type, manufacturer, location, group, service date, etc.

PTS leverages DCMMS as a critical component of its Data Center Managed Maintenance Service offering. The DCMMS platform serves as a basis for effective maintenance operations and includes augmenting and/or replacing existing data center maintenance operations personnel and processes with an array of tailored services from T&M site inspections though full time, outsourced facility maintenance management personnel. PTS’ facility personnel are fully trained in-house to execute cost-effective maintenance management including, Asset Management, Monitoring, Maintenance, and Predictive Analysis to support data center operations and lifecycle management. The service is unique in its ability to provide fully outsourced facility staff services or any combination of maintenance management, infrastructure and contractor audits and entitlement management, onsite periodic inspections, and part-time, full-time and 7×24 service support.

PTS currently manages thousands of facility supporting infrastructure assets in hundreds of data centers using the DCMMS solution. By outsourcing data center operational management IT managers are freed up to focus on other mission critical and strategic project. To learn more about DCMMS Version 2.0, schedule a demonstration, or discuss our Data Center Managed Maintenance service, please contact PTS at 1.866.PTS.DCS1, email or visit the DCMMS Home Page or Data Center Managed Maintenance (DCMM) Service.

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