Franklin Lakes, NJ, March 8, 2010 – PTS Data Center Solutions announced today at the Data Center World Spring 2010 Conference the availability of its revolutionary new Data Center Maintenance Management Software (DCMMS) Solution.

DCMMS is first of its kind software geared to improving efficiencies needed to maintain data center infrastructure products. “As a leading data center design and turnkey solutions provider, PTS has noted for years a clear lack of maintenance-specific software for the data center,” said PTS President, Peter Sacco. “We decided to address this specific niche with a product capable of supporting single site and many site data center operations.”

DCMMS provides a complete & integrated managed solution for operational maintenance for the data center and its support infrastructure. The DCMMS Solution provides:

  • A comprehensive facilities and/or IT asset maintenance management system.
  • Pre-defined Preventative Maintenance tasks per data center support infrastructure solutions manufacturers.
  • Automated maintenance tracking for a variety of support infrastructure products including maintenance schedules, parts requirements and maintenance cycles per the manufacturer.
  • Complete manufacturer-based maintenance information for all leading data center support infrastructure solutions.
  • Purchased or Software-as-a-Solution options.

Said David Cole, Manager, Data Center Maintenance Management & Education Services, “There are a number of quality computerized management software solutions available on the market today. However, none of these operational management products focuses upon preventative maintenance at the product level with included manufacturer maintenance schedules, workflows, and planned downtime. Plus, DCMMS will work in conjunction with the client’s operational management software.”

The solution provides pre-defined Preventative Maintenance tasks for data center equipment (CRAC, PDU, UPS, etc.) with manufacturer recommended maintenance intervals, planned downtime, parts required, personnel availability, costs to service and full management reporting of issues and outcomes necessary to properly maintain the support infrastructure across all of a company’s data center facilities.

PTS has deployed the solution in trials with a number of strategic clients. Early reports indicate the software is performing as specified and eliminating the traditional home grown spreadsheets used today by data center managers to try and stay on top of preventative maintenance scheduling. To learn more or schedule a demonstration please contact PTS at 1.866.PTS.DCS1, email or visit the DCMMS Home Page.

About PTS Data Center Solutions

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