Franklin Lakes, NJ – Peter Sacco, president and founder of PTS Data Center Solutions, has been asked to speak at the DatacenterDynamics Conference in New York City on March 4, 2008. Sacco will be speaking in two separate sessions during this key data center industry event. Sacco’s first session will cover “The Impact of Numerical Modeling Techniques on Computer Room Design and Operations” and the second will be on “Stop ignoring rack PDUs: Power-at-the-rack designs to improve uptime and capacity planning.”

In the session on “The Impact of Numerical Modeling Techniques,” Pete Sacco will discuss how PTS utilizes powerful 3-D computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software tools for the design, operational analysis, and maintenance of data centers and computer rooms of all types and sizes. In the course of this program, Sacco will also present practical examples and case studies of lessons learned since PTS began utilizing CFD as an integral design tool.

Sacco will be co-presenting with Herman Chan from Raritan Computer, Inc. for the “Stop Ignoring Rack PDUs” session. During this program, Sacco will describe research PTS has undertaken in regards to rack-level IT equipment monitoring. He will also provide the audience with practical insights and overviews, along with a detailed ROI analysis of the benefits of monitoring.

The DatacenterDynamics Conference 6th Annual New York event is a one day conference that provides data center professionals with the latest strategies and thinking on how to overcome the next big challenges to face the data center industry. The conference will cover topics of interest for end-users, consultants and solution providers.

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Michael is the vice president of PTS Data Center Solutions. Having worked as a data center consultant, designer, and project manager for hundreds of client projects, Petrino is renowned for his expertise in the data center industry. In his role at PTS Data Center Solutions, Petrino is an integral part of the data center design firm’s ongoing success.

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