btn_contactPTS Data Center Storage Site Survey provides ITS Managers with an accurate site survey of their existing storage infrastructure, as well as a validation of the information gathered in the Needs Analysis phase. PTS will field survey the existing conditions of your data storage infrastructure and capture configuration, utilization, and virtualization data for further analysis.

The intent of this service is to establish a baseline of the existing conditions, which becomes the starting point for creating a Technology Roadmap.

PTS’ Storage Site Survey provides data center operators and IT managers with a clear understanding of the data storage and protection topology and performance baseline for their IT operations.

During the Storage Site Survey, PTS will validate if design standards are being met and t hat a “Best Practices” design methodology has been used.

PTS’ Solutions Architects will work with the appropriate client stakeholders to survey the physical server infrastructure and will review all existing diagrams and technical documentation available. As a result of the survey, PTS will create or update diagrams to document the current state.

PTS’ site survey services serve as the “findings phase” in the progression of the data center project process.

Data Center Project ProcessData Center ConsultingData Center Design and EngineeringData Center ProductsData Center ConstructionData Center CommissioningData Center ImplementationData Center Monitoring and ControlData Center Operations and Maintenance
Identify existing storage and data protection infrastructure, design, and configurationOnce a firm understanding of the existing storage infrastructure is obtained, a solid recommendation can be made to facilitate improvements and upgrades
Capture utilization and virtualization ratesUnderstand the existing server’s baseline performance to identify areas for improvement
Capture data protection tiering requirementsUnderstand the data protection requirements that is appropriate
Diagram the existing storage and data protection deployment infrastructureChanges cannot be evaluated and implemented until the existing design is understood and documented

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