PTS’ IT Storage & Data Protection Consulting Services provides a comprehensive analysis of storage, storage area network, and data security within the enterprise network. These services include four key components: needs analyses for future storage area network design; site surveys of current storage area network infrastructure (if needed); storage area network assessments to analyze requirements against numerous designs, manufacturer solutions, and key decision criteria; and, planning to provide technology roadmaps, budget, and timelines for future design and implementation.

Our storage area network specialists work with the latest design tools and perform a vendor agnostic consultative program to focus upon your key requirements – independent of particular manufacturer products. After careful requirements analysis for current and future needs, PTS performs intensive site surveys looking at current SAN storage architectures within the enterprise as well as nears and long-term needs.

PTS considers various elements for proper storage & data protection design including, but not limited to:

PTS’ Storage & Data Protection Consulting Services serve as a basis for design in the progression of the data center or computer room project process. They include the first four steps in the eleven-step process.

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