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PTS Data Center Consulting Services are an enterprise-wide, consultative approach to help you manage your mission-critical environments.

Data Center Site Assessment Services for Facility and Supporting Infrastructure Systems

PTS offers a comprehensive array of facility and support infrastructure assessment services aimed at providing clients with recommendations that save money, reduce the time spent implementing upgrades and improvements, and maximize the availability of data centers, computer rooms, and other mission critical facilities.

The goal of these services are to narrow the scope, schedule, and budget for a particular project prior to the Design & Engineering, Procurement, and Construction phases of the project.

Functional Areas

Assess and rate the data center’s supporting infrastructure across a broad cross-section of its operational areas, including:

  • Equipment layout
  • Utility service
  • Emergency power
  • UPS & batteries
  • Power distribution
  • Cooling & heat rejection
  • Fire detection & suppression
  • Lighting
  • Physical security
  • Monitoring & control
  • Operational maintenance

Assess and rate the data center’s supporting infrastructure across a broad cross-section of its operational attributes, including:

  • Reliability
  • Redundancy
  • Scalability
  • Concurrent Maintainability
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Manageability

Assess the ability of the facility services and supporting infrastructure (e.g., utility switchgear, emergency power, UPS, PDU, CRAC, etc.) to provide space, power, and cooling capacity for both the existing and future load conditions.

Assess and rate the ability of the existing site and supporting infrastructure to provide high availability using PTS’ Data Center Rating Scale and/or one based on the Uptime Institute’s Data Center Rating Guidelines.

Assess the data center for critical deficiencies relating to:

  • Identify vulnerabilities that threaten infrastructure availability
  • Identify single points-of-failure
  • Identify limitations to concurrent maintainability
  • Identify limitations to fault tolerance
  • Compile a prioritized list of recommendations to mitigate risk, and improve overall facility and support infrastructure operations
Assess the data center across all facility impacting areas that affect its continuous operationEstablishes a visual reference as to the ability of the data center to support uninterrupted operations across all facility impacting areas
Assess the data center for all attributes that affect its continuous operationEstablishes a visual reference as to the ability of the data center to support uninterrupted operations by attribute
Align space, power, and cooling requirements with the business’ needs and objectivesUnderstand the critical load availability requirements to appropriately design the reliability, redundancy, maintainability, and fault tolerance attributes of the supporting infrastructure
Document findings and critical deficiencies as compared to the design requirements and define recommendationsUnderstand the present data center operations’ present deficiencies and recommendations for mitigating them

PTS’ Site Assessment Services are available in three (3) different detail levels to more accurately align with your requirements and budget constraints:

  • Comprehensive
  • Standard
  • Lite

For each approach, PTS engineers develop and deliver a report including an Availability Scorecard. The scorecard provides a red-light approach and visual aid to easily ascertain areas of concern related to the site assessment and reliability of the facility supporting infrastructure. Depending upon the required level of detail the report and scorecard varies in detail and complexity. Scorecard examples are shown here:

Data Center Site Assessment Scorecard
Data Center Site Assessment Scorecard Sample

PTS’ Data Center Site Assessment services represent only one (1) of the eleven (11) step progression of the data center project process. Typically, PTS’ Needs and Survey Services are a prerequisite in delivering these Site Assessment Services.

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