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Turnkey Relocation of IT and Mission Critical Environments from Here-to-There...

So you’ve made the decision to relocate your data center operations to a new facility. Perhaps you are moving the operations to a data center colocation facility because it was going to be too expensive to upgrade your in-house data center facility, or perhaps your organization prefers an operational expense financial model over spending capital expenditures (cash) today. Or maybe your company is simply relocating its corporate headquarters, including the computer room. Regardless, PTS’ data center experts can help with the workload.

PTS’ Relocation Services provide comprehensive site selection, planningproject management, and implementation services for clients in need of data center or computer room migration, whether due to business changes, growth, changes in IT needs or requirements, business relocation, or other strategic business reasons. Data Center relocations are expensive and require specific expertise and experience. Therefore, we recommend completing these programs using skilled personnel who are intimately familiar with IT migrations.

Our Comprehensive Relocation Approach:

Data Center Relocation

Data Center Relocation PTS Hand TruckPTS has helped many large and small companies relocate to a colocation facility. Each relocation shares one common element: it requires impeccable planning in order to be successful. To that end, PTS has mapped a suite of services that complement our relocation process that serves as a guideline for a successful relocation project. PTS fully specifies all elements of the relocation program.

The goal of this service is to plan and implement data center / computer room relocations with minimal planned business operation downtime. PTS’ Relocation Services represent the planning and implementation phases in the eleven (11) step progression of the PTS data center project process:

Data Center Project Process Data Center Consulting Data Center Design and Engineering Data Center Products Data Center Construction Data Center Commissioning Data Center Implementation Data Center Monitoring and Control Data Center Operations and Maintenance

Pre-Move Consulting

PTS manages all aspects of the facility and IT infrastructure relocation so clients can concentrate on business-related move elements and maintaining corporate functions during the transition

Defined Relocation Approach

By leveraging the PTS data center relocation approach, many typical pitfalls are anticipated, contingency plans are put into place, and possible problems are avoided

Defined Roles & Responsibilities

All partner, vendor, subcontractor, and client personnel understand their roles and responsibilities related to the relocation; this clear understanding helps avoid problems and delays in the schedule

Pre-move Assessment & Site Preparation

PTS prepares the current facility and IT equipment for the relocation, including labeling and/or asset tagging of all equipment. Labeling includes device specifications, relocation position, cabling requirements, and other device-specific requirements. Asset tagging refers to barcoding or RFID asset tags that will be associated to a CMDB database, ITAM toolset and/or DCIM tools to manage the capacity planning and optimize the environment for its relocated state. This process allows PTS to verify proper re-assembly and reduces the overall time to re-establish network devices

Move Implementation Services

Efficient management of de-install, check-out, load, transport, unload, check-in, re-install, and re-cabling (if contracted to provide) shortens the actual network downtime and allows the business to effectively manage business operations during the migration with as few hours of business operational downtime as possible

Re-Start of IT equipment

Connect relocated IT equipment to power, network and SAN connections.  Re-IP and reconfigure any devices that are changing status on the relocated network.  Troubleshoot any devices that aren’t communicating properly on the relocated or new network.

Recertification of Equipment

To maintain warranties and avoid downtime and possible capital expenditures, PTS performs a complete recertification of all relocated equipment per OEM requirements (optional services)

Post-Move Consulting

Project completion activities with punch list completion, documentation of all relocated elements, clean-up, and client acceptance allows the business to quickly and efficiently shift their focus back on operations

Contact PTS for your Next Data Center Project

You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to your data center. Our expert team assesses your unique needs, and then employs a proven data center plan that reduces the amount of support infrastructure you will need.

The result is higher efficiency, reduced complexity and better resiliency at lower cost… all at the same time.

Contact us for a quick chat to discuss how a smarter design for your data center can save you money.

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