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A PTS Data Center Raised Floor Cooling Assessment provides a company with a non-biased, independent, assessment of the current data center cooling infrastructure performance as well as recommendations for upgrades and enhancements to eliminate scheduled and unscheduled downtime. The assessment includes a comprehensive computer room site inspection and report including a raised floor cooling assessment. This is a review of the factors that most directly impact critical systems cooling. Extensive temperature, airflow, and cooling performance data are collected. We provide a comprehensive assessment of the computer room’s cooling effectiveness. The resulting report gives data center and facility managers the quantitative information to understand the current status of their sites and, more importantly, to know what they can do to solve existing problems, proactively avoid potential problems and plan for future growth.

Raised Floor Cooling AssessmentHere is a sample image of a computational fluid dynamics modeling analysis, a component of our service.


  • Identify the causes ‘hot-spots’.
  • Anticipate power and delivered cooling deficiencies, before new equipment is installed.
  • Avoid problems by identifying site vulnerabilities.
  • Benchmark capacity planning, layout, and site management against industry ‘Best Practices’.
  • Document how well a site is performing (or not performing).


  • Determine cooling capacity by area by estimating the usable power capacity versus the existing and planned load.
  • Determine cooling performance by unit by observing the reliability of installation, quality of maintenance and measuring actual performance versus sensor calibrations.
  • Determine cooling redundancy by area by estimating the impact of losing one or more cooling units for maintenance or failure in each area and identify whether the remaining capacity will be adequate to support the existing or planned load.
  • Determine cooling quality by measuring spot temperature and relative humidity using calibrated instruments, and install data acquisition equipment to record temperature and humidity stability for ~30 hours in locations likely to experience worst-case conditions.
  • Evaluate floor-tile grill placement by examining the equipment floor plan for location and heat loads by measuring static pressure and calculating the maximum possible delivered cooling.
  • Determine the air flow by area by measuring air lost due to cable cut-outs and holes and identifying under-floor obstructions preventing free air movement.
  • And finally, provide capacity planning direction by evaluating the variable to identifying the site’s remaining cooling versus power capacity and documenting the process for initiating required upgrades.

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