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load bank testing
Load Bank Testing
PTS load studies offer piece-of-mind when it comes to data center power equipment selection. PTS expert technicians provide complete load profiling and reporting from simple spot-checking to week-long data logging.

PTS’ Data Center Power & Cooling Systems Analysis service leverage the first three phases in the progression of the data center project process and data center lifecycle.

In creating a secure and efficient computer room design, special consideration must be given to good planning and the implementation of the right technologies. The success of your design is dependent upon strong systems analysis of the IT load that will be supported by the power and cooling infrastructure. PTS’ Power & Cooling Systems Analysis methodology combines the engineering and technology expertise needed to ensure accurate profiling of the existing load, load requirements for current and potential future IT loads, and direct load bank testing using state-of-the art linear, non-linear, and resistive load banks. This results in accurate Key Design Criteria deliverables to support upgrades, replacements, or tuning of existing power and cooling facility supporting infrastructure.

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Assessing the electrical power required to support and cool the critical loads within the data center is essential to planning for the development of a facility that will meet the end user’s availability expectations. PTS experts can produce a reasonable estimate of the data center power center power and cooling systems analysis

This helps specify the size of the Network-Critical Physical Infrastructure components that will achieve the availability determined by the needs assessment. Once the sizing determination is made, conceptual and detailed planning can go forward with the assistance of a PTS consulting engineer. Cost estimation can then be made based on the size and reliability configuration determined from the data center power needs assessment process described on this site.

Power & Cooling Systems Analysis leads to a data center site assessment. PTS’ comprehensive data center assessment services provide a company with a non-biased, independent assessment of the current data center, computer room, and/or mission critical technical space, including sections on findings, critical deficiencies, and recommendations for upgrades and enhancements to mitigate scheduled and/or unscheduled downtime.

  • Written Report of Findings and Recommendations for Improvement
  • Power & Cooling Calculation Worksheet
  • Prioritized List of Recommendations with Cost Impact
  • Detailed Data Center Rating Site Scorecard

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