PTS’ Data Center IT Disaster Recovery Assessment Services provide an analysis and assessment of client data centers, computer rooms, and mission critical facilities and their ability to withstand disasters from the perspective of IT network and systems performance. These services uncover risks and recommend improvements across the enterprise IT network.

IT Disaster Recovery Assessment ServicesThe goal of these services are to provide client management with initial observations of the enterprise IT network and systems, to identify risk areas for improvement, and to provide high level recommendations to eliminate the risks and avoid unplanned business operation downtime.

Assuming prior analysis of the impact to the business if a disaster were to occur (natural, terrorist, etc.) and the associated downtime costs are understood, PTS approaches IT Disaster Recovery Assessments with the following consultative approach:

When coupled with PTS’ Facility Disaster Recovery Assessment Services, PTS is able to provide comprehensive assessments of both the facility supporting infrastructure and IT network and system infrastructure to fully comprehend the cost impact to a business to establish a disaster-proof enterprise IT solution. Unlike other IT consulting and solutions vendors, PTS provides a comprehensive view into the facility infrastructure which supports IT uptime. Together, PTS provides IT and Facility Disaster Recovery Assessment Services work to support organizational Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plans.

PTS’ Data Center IT Disaster Recovery Assessment Services represent the first, second, and third phases in the eleven (11) step progression of the data center project process. Typically, PTS’ Needs and Survey Services are a prerequisite in delivering our IT Assessment Services.

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Recovery Objectives

The two key recovery objectives used to measure the effectiveness of an IT Disaster Recovery Program and, therefore, required to fully understand and assess DR readiness for IT enterprise infrastructure are:

  • Recovery Time Objectives (RTO): How long can the business continue to function without the critical IT services (how quickly must we be able to recover the service from the ‘decision to invoke the DR plan?)
  • Recover Point Objective (RPO): From what time in the processing cycle will we recovery data (how much data are we prepared to lose or have to re-enter from an alternate source?)There are several options:
    • Zero data loss, recovery to the point of failure
    • Start of the current business Day (SoD)
    • End of the previous business Day (EoD)
    • Intraday, a point between the last available backup either SoD or EoD and the failure, for arguments sake midday
    • Period end, the weekly or monthly backup

Additionally, there is a third measure. This is the Maximum Tolerable Outage (MTO). The MTO is the maximum time the business will survive from the initial service interruption.

The recovery objectives must be based upon solid business requirements identified by the business impact analysis (BIA) process.flooded data center disaster recovery

IT Disaster Recovery Components

PTS IT Data Center Assessment Services review:

  • Networking Structure
  • Routing Structure
  • Redundancy
  • Network Security
  • Mirrored Infrastructure
  • Time to Implement
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Manageability

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