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PTS offers cost effective destruction solutions for failed or older hard drives. Our shredding or pinning mutilation process is the most secure destruction process in the industry. A mobile shredder will arrive at your site and scan your drives.  Drives are then placed in a tamper-proof bin, and escorted into our Mobile IT Lab where the drives are shredded into minute pieces. The pinning mutilation process takes security to another level. When the client’s security policy will not allow the drive to leave their office, we can provide the pinning mutilation process right in their office. After the drives have been pinned, they are loaded into a tamper-proof box and shredded off site. Both services will ensure all the data is absolutely destroyed and can never fall into the wrong hands. Both processes are compliant with HIPPA, SOA, GLBA, DOD and PCI as well as local and government privacy laws.

On Site Hard-Drive Destruction Services Included:

  • On Site Hard Drive Destruction
  • Serial Number Capturing with Audit Report
  • Hard Drive destruction in our Mobile IT Lab
  • Shredding and Recycling of each drive
  • Certificate of Destruction and Recycling
on site hard drive destruction

On Site Hard-Drive Data Erasure Services Included:

  • Real Time Serial Number Capturing with audit report
  • Onboard camera for customer monitoring
  • 3 pass DOD overwrite or Secure Erase in a Mobile IT Lab; ability to perform wipe on SAS, SCSI, or Fibre Channel
  • Erase verification report
  • Compliant with HIPPA, DOD, SOA, GLBA, PCI and Basel II
on site hard drive erasure

Bonded staff will escort all CPU’s and/or loose hard drives to a Mobile IT Lab located at the client’s place of business. A certified technician will power up each item and perform a DOD overwrite or Secure Erase cleansing certified by the NIST and Department of Defense. All items can be returned to the client or packed and shipped to any destination in the US or Canada.

on site enterprise data erasure

On Site Enterprise Data Erasure Services Included:

  • No upfront investment in equipment
  • Contractual arrangements available
  • Equipment and Personal Leasing
  • Certificates of Data Destruction with erase verification report
  • Compliant with HIPPA, SOA, GLBA, PCI and Basel II
A non-intrusive on-site solution for the absolute erasure of data from storage arrays or entire frames in data centers. The mobile erasure unit can be delivered to any location with the US. Upon arrival, the technician will roll the unit into the building where 48 drives can be erased at once. This unit also has the ability to plug into the arrays fiber connection and erase the entire array. The drives are sanitized with Enterprise Data Erasure software with the following option, DoD Clear (1 Pass), DoD Sanitize (3 Pass), NIST Clear (1 Pass), NAVSO Purge (3 Pass) or Secure Erase.

Our experienced team will provide packing, removal, transportation, and recycling services of all IT Equipment. Within a 48 hour response time, we will pickup IT equipment from any client’s location within the US, and transport it to the nearest processing facility for recycling.

Asset Removal and Recycling Services

Asset Removal and Recycling Services Services Included:

  • On-site packing and packing materials
  • Removal from any location within customers campus
  • EPA-Compliant, 100% zero landfill-recycling
  • Asset transfer form, and Certificate of Recycling
  • Serial Number Capture and reporting
Asset Transport and Logistics

Asset Transport & Logistics Services Included:

  • Packing and Delivery back to the leasing company
  • Packing and Delivery to other office locations
  • Data Center Relocations
  • Any Size – Any Location
  • Email notification and coordination with technicians
  • Asset transfer form issued to insure chain of custody

Our experienced team will provide packing, removal, and transportation services of IT Equipment anywhere in the US or Canada. Within a 48 hour response time, we can assist clients with their IT Transportation needs, control cost, and have full accountability of equipment, with full visibility of the data at time of pick up and offer web tracking and tracing. Whether you have a swap-out program or delivery of new products that needs to be coordinated with the tech team, we are your single-source solution.

In today’s rapidly advancing world, hardware and software requirements have significantly shortened the life cycle of your technology. This progress has produced an abundance of idle IT assets in the corporate environment. Obsolete cell phones, PDAs, TVs, monitors, computers, and mainframes all require recycling. PTS will facilitate all of your IT recycling needs and ensure that all EPA guidelines are met. We guarantee a Zero Land Fill Policy.

hard drive recycling options

Recycling Options Services Included:

  • Green Recycling Process
  • National Coverage
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint for Transportation
  • Self pack and Collection Programs Available
  • Certificates of Recycling issued for each shipment
  • Serial Number Capture and Reporting
hard drive green initiatives

Green Initiatives

  • Carbon Footprint: As we replace and upgrade our rolling stock, 100% of new vehicles in run on bio diesel.
  • Recycling: All packing materials are recycled and all cardboard and bubble wrap are reused for packing.
  • Power Consumption:  Mobile IT Labs have a non-intrusive, self generating power supply that does not draw off the national grid and runs on bio fuel to power the onboard erasure equipment.

Strict guidelines and processes are in place to document the chain of custody of the equipment until the absolute end of the life cycle. Our oversight, service, and operation systems meet ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards and completely protect the safety of clients’ intellectual property and material. Reports provide detail right down to the serial numbers and type of items recycled. A certificate of recycling is issued that indicates and represents the EPA approved recycling center and EPA ID number where the service was performed.

PTS takes a multi- dimensional, systematic approach that starts with a commitment and a shared philosophy from all partners. Constant monitoring ensures we are all on the same page with the same goal and maintaining a high priority in operating in a sound and ecologically safe manner.

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PTS is a knowledgeable and trusted partner that has been helping us with both data center and commercial office space design, construction, and maintenance since 2010.

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Wakefern Food Corporation

PTS is a long-time and valued partner that we have come to rely for much of our data center and data cabling needs.

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Newark Board of Education
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