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Data Center Decommissioning FacilityData centers are extremely complex to manage, simply due to the volume and variety of technology used in its daily operation. From the networking and communication equipment, through power, storage, racks, cabling, etc, and on through HVAC systems, raised flooring, generators, etc, the task of decommissioning a data center is far from trivial.

While decommissioning a data center, decisions also must be made regarding which equipment, if any, can be reused in the new data center. Some of the equipment will need to be disposed of and/or destroyed (in the case of hard drives), and some of the equipment may be resold. These tasks alone present their own set of unique challenges, and require significant amounts of time and labor to find an appropriate facility, to decommission the equipment in question, and to transport the decommissioned equipment to the disposal facility.

Data Cabling RackThe best way to simplify your decommissioning project is to enlist the help of a company having both the experience and expertise in managing the project for you. PTS can manage all aspects of your decommissioning project, having in-house experts in facilities, IT and cabling. PTS will handle the variety of vendors and staff, while you have a single point of contact with PTS. PTS can professionally plan, disassemble, transport, dispose/recycle, and restore all your data center equipment. The service technicians at PTS have a long track record in both building and decommissioning data center equipment. PTS provides a critical support role when data centers close, move or consolidate their infrastructure. Additionally, the IT experts at PTS will also help you recover any value from the decommissioned equipment.

PTS’ Decommissioning Services include:

  • Data Center Decommissioning RestorationEstablishing a Decommissioning Plan
    • Identify all equipment to be decommissioned
    • Determine decommissioning timeline
    • Create SOW/MOP according to client’s needs
    • Engineered demolition plans for permit and approval submission
  • Disassemble Equipment
    • IT Equipment
    • UPS Cabinets
    • PDU Cabinets
    • Battery Cabinets
    • Generators
    • Racks
    • Cabling
    • HVA
      C units
    • Raised floors
  • Prep & Removal of Equipment to be Transported
    • Wrap/package
    • Palletize
    • Equipment transport
  • Disposal/Destruction
  • Restoration
    • Planning, design, and engineering services to return the space to original conditions and/or address space changes
    • Removal of electrical distribution, conduits, wire, and risers
    • Removal of mechanical systems and piping
    • Roof repair and sealing
    • Outdoor equipment pad removal and landscaping modifications

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