Data Center Equipment (Server, Rack, Battery) Lift
Good: Manual Operation, Medium weight capacity, basic control
Data Center Equipment (Server, Rack, Battery) Lift
Better: Powered Operation, Medium weight capacity, precise control
Data Center Equipment (Server, Rack, Battery) Lift
Best: Powered Operation, Heavy weight capacity, micro-precise control

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Handling Data Center Equipment: a Herculean Task

Data center IT equipment installation often occurs under less-than-ideal conditions.  Some servers and rack-mounted equipment can weigh over 800 pounds, the workspace is narrow between/within aisles, and much of this equipment is installed at heights far from ideal for the average data center employee. Manufacturers often recommend that two or more people handle their heavy equipment, but team lifting might not be a viable solution for tight areas where sensitive equipment needs delicate hands. Work-related injuries resulting in medical bills, worker’s comp claims, and lost productivity could cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

We must also consider potential damage to the equipment during its move.  Sensitive IT equipment, if dropped or moved incorrectly, could sustain irreparable damage.  IT equipment is not designed to withstand drops, bumps, and hits.  This obviates the need for appropriate tools when moving data center devices.

The Right Tool for Moving Data Center IT Equipment

Moving IT equipment in a data center requires purpose-built tools reduce or eliminate injuries and damage to equipment.  The tools must be designed specifically to handle the data center workspace: narrow aisles, tight turns, rack height accommodation, single-person operation, etc.

data center equipment server rack battery lift systems

Some features in considering the right tool:

  • Certified for use in data centers
  • Designed specifically to move data center IT equipment
  • Ambidextrous operation from multiple operator positions
  • Rigid and stable platform
  • Overhead safety to prevent overhead damage to the facility
  • Ability to secure equipment to the device platform
  • Precision up/down movement
  • Bi-directional sliding tray
  • Full height allowance for full range of data center cabinet
  • Braking system to prevent movement during lifting and installation
  • Casters/wheels to allow movement without damaging data center floor
  • Proper load capacity for devices being moved
  • Lifting speed
  • Manual vs electric lift

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