Will migrating to the cloud save you money?
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  • Is Cloud the right thing for your enterprise?
  • How much would it cost to migrate?
  • And how does it compare to on-site?

Accurate answers to these questions make all the difference when it comes to deciding whether or not to migrate to the cloud. You can only find the answer by ensuring your VMs (Virtual Machines) are resourced correctly, prior to considering the move to a cloud. This “rightsizing” exercise ensures that each VM has adequate resources to do its job, and also ensures that no VM has been provisioned with more resources than it needs.

IT Administrators typically configure VMs conservatively, which means they end up with more resources than they actually  need. Underprovisioned VMs are easy to find since they lack the resources they need to run properly, but overprovisioned VMs often go unnoticed. When moving to the cloud, IT Administrators use the overprovisioned VMs to size their cloud equivalents when migrating these VMs to the cloud. This can vastly overstate the OpEx costs of moving on-site workloads to the cloud.  Such overstating heavily impacts the cost estimates for running applications in the cloud, compared to on-premises data centers, thus yielding an inaccurate and lower picture of potential cloud savings.

Key Benefits of Running a VM Assessment

  • Flows out continuous results, automatically updated in real time
  • Enables quick, data-driven decisions and eliminates guessing
  • Uses granular, current data from the user’s own data center
  • Reveals the verifiable costs of moving each VM
  • Produces instant rightsizing scenarios

Will Moving to the Cloud Save Money?

The answer is that running your applications in a high-performance cloud data center may save substantial funds, but that answer only becomes apparent when cloud cost estimates rely on accurate resourcing. Guesses don’t inspire confidence when it comes to estimating the possible cost savings. Only data-driven answers, along with accurate scenario-building capabilities can drive and support on-target decision-making. PTS has the tool you need to achieve that data-driven accuracy, using a precise, minute-by-minute comparison of the costs to you in the cloud versus on-premise costs.

Here’s how: The software tool collects resource utilization data from each VM in the data center on a fine grained basis. Then, it analyzes those data across time, allowing you to discover the resources that each VM actually needs to perform its duties. For example, if an on-premises VM has been configured with 8 vCPUs, but never actually uses more than 2 vCPUs to run its applications, then you can rightsize that VM to a smaller instance when you move it to the Cloud, and save money rather than pay for resources you won’t be using. PTS can map each VM in the entire data center to its best-fitting public cloud instance, whether Azure, AWS or others, so you see the exact costs of running each VM in the cloud you choose to evaluate. Your best decision is easily apparent.

Cloud Cost Using Each VM as Configured

cloud migration cost

Key Capabilities and Features

The rightsizing software tool calculates unbiased answers to the key question: “What will it cost to run my VMs in the Cloud?” The VM assessment software:

  • Achieves granular accuracy with usage data updated every 20 seconds, without rounding or rollups.
  • Keeps resource utilization information forever, easily available for comparison at a click.
  • Informs you of the amount of resources each VM needs for ideal, real-world function, using easily readable histogram-based scenarios to analyze workloads. You know costs instantly for on-target comparisons.
  • Offers more user options with multi-cloud applicability, thanks to its unbiased, vendor-neutral analysis capabilities.
  • Eliminates guesswork or estimates with its verifiable, data-based recommendations.
  • Deploys quickly and easily with SaaS delivery model, for continuous updating, scenario-building, automated discovery, quick slice-and-dice, and mapping of on-premise intelligence to the cloud.
  • Benefits all levels in the organization. CIOs and VPs of IT gain objective, data-driven answers to cost-savings questions, while IT admins gain work/effort/time efficiency.

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