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We design, build, and operate data centers that are great for companies and their people... but better for the planet

Focus Areas of PTS' Electrical System Services Include:

The experts at PTS Data Center Solutions cover the full range of electrical engineering and contracting services to end-users, building owners, and construction companies in the greater New Jersey & New York metropolitan areas. PTS’ staff includes electricians to provide maintenance, installation, and other services to commercial and industrial electrical systems.

PTS also offers turnkey telecommunications, audio/visual, physical security systems services and solutions, from the planning and design phases, completely through construction.


We leverage our staff of electrical engineers, electricians, and technicians to offer the maximum ROI on your electrical construction investment. PTS has the experience and expertise in maintaining commercial/industrial electrical, power systems, data communications, audio/visual, and physical security systems.  Our track record proves it.

To ensure optimal performance of your system, and protect its long-term value, PTS is on call 24/7/365.  We are ready to provide ongoing routine preventative maintenance, as well as being ready to respond to emergency situations in a timely manner.

Focus Areas of PTS' Electrical System Services Include:

  • Electrical Systems: PTS will plan, design, install, and maintain a turnkey electrical system solution that meets your needs. Whether you’re in need of advanced technologies or integrated communications networks, automated transportation systems, or more responsive process and building automation controls, PTS can help.
  • Electrical Engineering: Covers Service Entrance & Power Distribution Design, Short Circuit, Coordination, and Arc Flash StudiesStandby & Emergency Generation SystemsUninterruptible Power Supply SystemsEnergy Audits, Lighting & Lighting Controls Systems
  • Telecommunications Systems: PTS Data Center Solutions provides a full suite of inside and outside data cabling services and solutions. Whether you require customer premise cabling infrastructure, data center cabling, patch panels, fiber optic splicing and installation, CATV, or other types of cabling deployed, PTS uses a proven and well documented design and deployment process to deliver our data cabling services.
  • Data Center / Mission-Critical: Uninterruptible Power Supply, data center power systems, power conditioning solutions, UPS, power supplies, power strips, PDUs, and battery backup systems are critical to provide power to mission critical devices within a data center, computer room, or server room.
  • Design/Build: Unlike the traditional design-specify-bid-build process, which costs more, takes more time to execute and requires more resources to manage, PTS’ Design/Build Construction Strategy condenses the exercise into a clear and concise process.
  • Pre-Construction: PTS provides pre-construction services to assist developers, owners, architects, engineers, and general contractors from the conceptual stages through the design process, and finally through the completion of the project.
  • Data Networking: LAN/WAN Routing, Switching, Acceleration, and Load Balancing

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You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to your facility. Our expert team assesses your unique needs, and then employs a proven plan that reduces the amount of support infrastructure you will need.

The result is higher efficiency, reduced complexity and better resiliency at lower cost… all at the same time.

Contact us for a quick chat to discuss PTS Design & Engineering services for commercial and industrial projects.

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