Already work with a specific architect? Already have contractors on-site? PTS’ specialization in data center design and specification can provide your previously retained architects and contractors with the information they need to implement your state-of-the-art data center. If you don’t have an architect or contractors yet, PTS will create the design and specifications you need to hire the proper team for your data center project.

Our approach to every engagement starts with a cooperative effort of defining and understanding the project requirements and identifying the business objectives. This is followed by an assessment and audit of the available assets and inevitable detriments. We then establish the design criteria and create a preliminary designs and data center specifications to summarize the anticipated project costs.

From this point, the initial specifications of the design are developed based on the project scope, determined system requirements, and available budget, both from a time and cost perspective. A preliminary project timeline is established to minimize construction time and ensure alignment with the project budget specifications.

Once the design and data center specification has been completed, PTS can assume whatever role you like, we can walk away, we can stand back and watch as your architects and contractors implement the solution, or if you prefer, we can keep an eye and ensure that your data center gets built according to the design and specification.

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