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PTS will design a modular scalable solution for your Control Room, as well as Advanced-Technology Conference Rooms to meet any information management challenges you may face. PTS provides consulting services allowing you to narrow the scope, schedule, and budget for your project by defining your critical design requirement, including sources, outputs, and control requirements.


  • Computers – What computers are we connecting to and how are we connecting to them, RGBHV, VGA, DVI, and audio outputs?
  • Video – What video devices are we connecting to; cameras, DVR’s, CATV, or satellite TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, video conferencing systems and what type of connections, component video, BNC, S-Video, HDMI, etc.
  • Network – Are there IP connections for streaming video or screen scrapes we need to support from console stations?
  • Tablets & Touch-screens – Are there any tablet, touch-screens, or whiteboard functions required in the environment?
  • Audio – What other audio needs supporting; radio & SAT radio, handheld radios, audio conferencing systems, microphones? What are the connection types to all of these devices?
  • Resolution & Sound Quality – What are the video resolutions & audio formats we need to support from all sources?


  • Displays – What type of displays are we connecting to Plasma, LCD, DLP, LED, and how are we connecting to them, RGBHV, VGA, component video, BNC, S-Video, HDMI, DVI, and audio inputs?
  • Video Wall & Image Scaling – Do we need to support multiple images on these displays and/or expand an image across multiple displays? Do we need an array of displays to operate as a video wall with an ability to scale images across the displays?
  • Speakers & Format – Where does audio need to be presented, & in what format stereo, surround sound, etc?
  • Alarms – Is there a need for any alarms, audible, strobe, etc?


  • Users – Who needs to control sources and select them to be appropriately to their outputs?
  • Type – How do we want to control the sources & outputs, keyboard & mouse, push-button control panel, touch-screen, wireless remote, browser control or a combination of the above?  Do preset controls help the operations?  Is there a need for room controls for HVAC & lighting?
  • Locations – Where do we need to control from locally, remotely, if remotely through an IP network?
  • Security – What security do we need to lock down the control, do we want to authenticate logins, have multiple preemption levels to support a hierarchical staff?
  • Shared & Private Modes – Do we need any shared access & control or to support any private mode of access?

Display Systems:

Download NOC Services Brochure
Click here to download NOC Services Brochure

PTS will design and help you choose the correct display system for your room:

  • Front or Rear Projection
  • LCD
  • Plasma
  • DLP technology