PTS’s site commissioning services ensure that your systems are installed properly and are performing consistent with their design. Our commissioning experts adhere to a thorough quality management process that validates and documents your systems. Our commissioning methodology covers a wide range of procedures to verify the integrity and performance of your mission critical support infrastructure. Commissioning services include:

  • Commission plan preparationData Center Commissioning
  • Equipment pre-start-up and start-up procedures
  • Integrated system testing
  • Development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and operational training
  • Assembly of system
  • Provide ‘as-built’ documentation
  • Load Bank Testing

As you undergo a data center construction project, your choice of data center commissioning agent may be as important as your choice of design firm. Data center commissioning is a rigorous, systematic process to ensure that you get the data center design, equipment interoperability and system redundancy that you paid for. Thus the central role of the commissioning agent firm is to advocate for your data center’s needs and agreed-upon requirements.

Although there are several approaches to commissioning a data center and its facility supporting infrastructure, most approaches are based at least in part on the general ASHRAE guidelines for commissioning a building. The PTS approach includes the following services:

  • Commission Plan Development
  • Commissioning Witnessing & Execution (Levels 1-5)
Data Center Commissioning Plan

Commission Plan Development Service

Delivers commissioning plan a tailored to the desired level specific to the requirements of the site and the equipment deployed. The plan defines the scope, schedule, and required resources for the execution of a successful commissioning of the site. The plan is not finalized until accepted by the client and/or their representatives.

Load Bank

Commissioning Service

load bank testing
Load Bank Testing

PTS’ Commissioning Services for data centers and computer rooms provide you with the confidence to know whether your supporting infrastructure components and systems are installed properly, are performing consistent with their design intent, and operate as an integrated system.

Our commissioning experts adhere to a thorough quality management process that validates and documents your systems.

PTS’ Data Center Commissioning Services is the eighth (8) of the eleven (11) step progression of the data center project process. Data Center Implementation Services constitute the pre-installation, installation, testing, and turnover of IT infrastructure within a data center, computer room, server room, or network operations center (NOC) facility.

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