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Every data center is unique, and, as such, has unique requirements. Alongside the main components of a data center, there are many other factors that need to be addressed to keep things running smoothly, such as uninterruptible power, efficient cooling systems, and fire protection, among others. Even beyond these mission-critical systems, there exist a variety of add-on products that serve specific needs that may apply to your situation. Data center accessories can help your data center’s daily operations run more efficiently and could help ensure the long life of your investment.

PTS recommends the following accessories for your data center:

Rackstuds™: The Smart Rack Mounting System

Rackstuds are the revolutionary replacement for cage nuts used to mount IT, Pro A/V, Security, and Telecommunications equipment in 19” racks.

PTS Aurora Wireless Temp Monitoring Strips

Quickly identify temperature status and potential issues from across the data center.

KoldLok Raised Floor Grommets

Seal cable openings & eliminate data center hot spots with the patented KoldLok line of products.

Dycem CleanZone Mats

CleanZone Premier is a high performance contamination control zone designed to attract, collect and retain contamination, preventing particles and microbes from getting into your critical areas.

IEC Secure Power Connections

PTS addresses the major problem of IEC plugs coming loose on equipment & power strips with several viable options.

AirBlock Curtains and Strip Doors

AirBlock’s products are ideal for use in data centers where hot-aisle/cold-aisle containment is important.

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