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Computer Room Design ServicesIf your company requires the services of a computer server room design firm with a reputation for quality, look no further than PTS Data Center Solutions. Our broad range of specialized project experience within the data center ensures that our team can develop a secure and efficient server room that meets your needs. As a computer server room design firm, PTS’ reputation for providing optimal solutions that fit within your budget and time frame sets us apart from the competition.

Working with your IT and facility staff, we identify and quantify your server room design needs. PTS’ team of professionals is trained to assess choice of location, the amount of space required and the related power requirements for your computer server room. Our firm’s comprehensive approach is intended to maximize scalability, flexibility, and availability.

In the development of your server room, high availability is easily attainable if you:

  • Anticipate an increased requirement for power in the server room.
  • Provide adequate, scalable, cooling for the load.
  • Limit access to server rooms by utilizing an access control and security system.
  • Document all software and hardware changes, in order to provide a roadmap if an error occurs or you experience system failure.

Whether your company seeks to overhaul its current server room infrastructure or to design a computer server room from scratch, our expertise can help your company move from the planning stage through implementation and maintenance. Contact PTS to learn what we can do for you.

To learn more about PTS’ Computer Room Design services and how they can help you meet your Mission Critical Facility Requirements, contact us today.

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The result is higher efficiency, reduced complexity and better resiliency at lower cost… all at the same time.

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