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Data Center Operations and MaintenanceAfter your computer room is complete, the job of monitoring the information technology infrastructure and support infrastructure begins. Computer room monitoring is the vital last line of defense in achieving a high availability environment.

A monitoring system for the computer room should be:

  • Cost effective
  • Quickly deployed and implemented
  • Easy to use
  • Designed with intuitive alarming and escalation methodologies
  • Built to provide robust reporting all from a central, secure, locations

PTS Computer Room Monitoring Solutions
PTS specializes in the use of IP and Web technologies to oversee and control critical support systems. Our quality solutions can include, IP-based camera surveillance, access security, UPS and power distribution monitoring, and environmental computer room monitoring devices. If your facility is equipped with a Network Operations Center (NOC), PTS will design your computer room monitoring tools so the NOC team can easily monitor alarms, log events, and respond to problems.

Mission Critical Environmental Control
In addition to overseeing computer room security and operations, environmental control is an essential element of monitoring any computer room. To protect your mission critical environment and keep your network running, PTS can install state-of-the-art temperature sensors, humidity sensors, fluid leak detectors, smoke detectors, air flow sensors, voltage sensors, and security sensors. When a sensor is in alarm, the monitoring equipment can alert your IT support team to the danger either with visual, audible, and email alerts.

PTS’ design professionals are experts in computer room monitoring. Our monitoring systems for computer rooms provide proactive management and enable the quick assessment of your present situation. If problems arise that threaten availability, our system notifies the appropriate personnel.

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