Data Centers from Edge to Cloud

Our Focus

We design, build, and operate data centers that are great
for companies and their people... but better for the planet

Data Center

Our experts assesses your unique needs and then employ a proven data center plan that reduces the amount of support infrastructure, resulting in higher efficiency, reduced complexity, better resiliency, and lower costs

Design /

PTS’ Design/Build Data Center Construction Strategy condenses the construction process into a clear and concise approach

Data Center

PTS Data Center Consulting Services are an enterprise-wide, consultative approach to help you manage mission critical environments

Primary Power

PTS partner Bloom Energy has developed an always-on, revolutionary on-site primary power generation system

Data Centers

Micro Data Centers are simple, fast, and cost-effective solutions to deploy edge data centers that minimize on-site construction, and deploy faster


PTS’s site commissioning services ensure that your systems are installed properly and are performing consistent with their design


PTS’ construction services for data centers, computer rooms, server rooms & network closets that are highly available, scalable, redundant and manageable

Operations &

These services may include comprehensive operational management and regular scheduled maintenance for all facility supporting infrastructure and assets or, simply, preventive maintenance for specific assets in the data center

Data Center

PTS can provide complete and integrated operational maintenance management for data center facilities and the related support infrastructure

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What Customers Say About PTS

PTS is a knowledgeable and trusted partner that has been helping us with both data center and commercial office space design, construction, and maintenance since 2010.

– John Parsons
Wakefern Food Corp.

Wakefern Food Corporation

PTS is a long-time and valued partner that we have come to rely for much of our data center and data cabling needs.

– Abdullah Ansari
Newark Board of Education

Newark Board of Education

Let PTS Reimagine your Data Center

PTS can design, build, and operate your next data center, computer room, or other mission-critical facility.

Our approach to data center design costs less to build, costs less to operate, can be deployed faster, and can perform better.

A PTS-designed data center is simpler in design, is more energy efficient, is easier to operate, and uses less infrastructure to achieve resilience.

Contact PTS Today:
(201) 337-3833

PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc.
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About PTS Data Center Solutions

Data Centers from Edge to Cloud PTS is an adaptive, coaching and supportive workplace focused on development, relationships, purposeful work, personal contribution and opportunity.

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Computer Room Flooring

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Webinar Data Center Development Innovation for the New Age of Facilities
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Webinar: Data Center Development Innovation for the New Age of Facilities

Webinar Data Center Development Innovation for the New Age of Facilities. Learn how end users and providers are determining cloud or on-prem strategies for new facilities coming online, how fully integrated edge developments have changed the need for on-prem solutions, who are changing their migration to the cloud and where the opportunities are for expansions.

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Server Room Planning

Server Room Planning

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PTS Data Center Solutions
data center design

Data Centers from Edge to Cloud

Data Centers from Edge to Cloud Read More Data Center Data Center Facility Reimagined AlwaysON Primary Power Micro Data Centers Consulting Design/Build Support Infrastructure

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