CRD Planning Feasibility

  • Have You Completed a Mission Critical Facility Upgrade Which Missed Key Deliverables?
  • Did the Project’s Actual Costs Rise Significantly Above the Project Budget?
  • Are You Concerned About Power & Cooling Due to the Addition of High Density IT Components?
  • Are You Unsure How Best to Build a Highly Available Facility?

Successful computer room design entails a thorough understanding of both facility and IT design requirements. PTS leverages its integrated IT and facility planning and engineering expertise and experience to create a facility that supports the IT load while being energy efficient and highly maintainable.

PTS’ programs for mission critical facility development begin by identifying the key design criteria (KDCs) for the two (2) main areas of the project focus within the facility: the Technology Infrastructure (IT) and the Support Infrastructure (the Facility). The following table provides a look at how PTS maps the KDCs against availability requirements, power & cooling density, and overall business objectives. It is through a thorough understanding of the project’s KDCs that allow PTS to ultimately provide an effective, always available computer or server room facility within a client budget window.

PTS’ approach begins with a thorough planning & feasibility phase prior to implementation of architectural and engineering services. This approach leverages the first four phases of the PTS data center project process for successful planning leading into cohesive design services which support client requirements.

Data Center Project ProcessData Center ConsultingData Center Design and EngineeringData Center ProductsData Center ConstructionData Center CommissioningData Center ImplementationData Center Monitoring and ControlData Center Operations and Maintenance

The PTS capabilities provided for a Computer Room Design project include Planning & Feasibility and Design & Engineering as follows:

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