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2 Dec 2014

Packet Power: Turn Basic PDUs into “Smart PDUs” …in Minutes

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Upgrading your standard un-metered PDU to a fully metered PDU doesn’t have to mean going to the expense of purchasing a new smart PDU along with the costs of adding network cable drops and a massive integration effort with a monitoring program. Packet Power “Smart Cables” simplify the process with the entire solution often costing more...

3 Apr 2013

Have You Made the Move to Wireless Monitoring?

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PTS Data Center Solutions Consultants are finding most data center facilities operators don’t want to burden or use their expensive network infrastructure to address environmental & power monitoring solutions. We all know we can’t manage what we don’t measure, but often the resistance of facilities and IT wanting to work together to address the problem, more...

7 May 2012

End-to-End Real-Time Power Management from your IT Devices to your Utility Feeds

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Power Management at the IT device and utility level is a hot topic today. With legislative  driven by driving data center green initiatives, utility investment in energy audits for clients, and events such as the Con Edison Energy Efficiency Summit, data center managers everywhere are engaged in ways to build high-performance and energy efficient data more...