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31 May 2017

Is your Data Center As Cool as it Once Was?

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Is your Data Center As Cool as it Once Was?

Trends in data center cooling have changed dramatically over the past few years. Outmoded “maximum cooling” approaches have given way to more efficient heat-rejection systems. Utilizing sophisticated economizer technologies, modern cooling systems are not only reducing energy costs, but are also operating far more efficiently, and are highly reliable. Other recent improvements in data center more...

16 Feb 2017

Data Center Cooling Advancements Let you Leave Your Jacket at Home

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Data Center Cooling Advancements Let you Leave Your Jacket at Home

Data centers that used to be 55 degrees are now running comfortably at 75 degrees, which means your company is saving money, and your IT pros no longer need to bundle up to do their jobs. Pete Sacco, President and Founder of PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc., was interviewed for a recent TechRepublic article on more...

24 Jul 2013

Application of Nanotechnology to Cool a Data Center

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As the latest heat wave in the Northeast passes, PTS Data Center Solutions engineers came across an interesting use of nanotechnology to overcome heating problems within a data center. Mexico’s Social Security and Health Administration (IMSS) had an issue with its data center in Monterrey, Mexico which holds patient medical records. Even though their data more...

30 Aug 2011

Selecting the Optimal Data Center Cooling Solution

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Pete Sacco, President & CEO, of PTS Data Center Solutions authored an interesting article on the most effective way to select an Optimal Data Center Cooling Solution. A better way to think about data center cooling is to forget the notion of adding ‘cold’ to a room. Rather, think about air conditioning as removing heat more...

16 Jul 2007

PTS Weighs in on Data Center Humidity Issues

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Mark Fontecchio’s recent article on data center humidity issues at not only created buzz in the data center blogs, but generated quite a discussion amongst our team at PTS Data Center Solutions. Data center humidity range too strict?While some data center professionals find the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)’s recommended more...

15 May 2007

High Density Devices Strain Data Center Resources

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A few weeks back I commented on the current boom in data center development. Spurring this trend is the growing need for greater processing power and increased data storage capacity, as well as new Federal regulations which call for better handling and storage of data. In the scramble to keep up with these demands, the more...

6 Apr 2007

Data Center Cooling: Approaches to Avoid

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Data center cooling problems can compromise availability and increase costs. The ideal data center cooling system requires an adaptable, highly-available, maintainable, manageable, and cost effective design. When working to design an effective data center cooling system, there are a number of commonly deployed data center cooling techniques that should not be implemented. They are: Reducing more...