PTS Career Opportunity: IT Technician (Level 1)

PTS Data Center Solutions, a leader in data center environments offering both design/build construction and managed IT services, is looking for an outstanding individual to serve as a Level 1 IT Technician.

Job Responsibilities Include:

  • Find Job Career OpportunityCollaborate with PTS senior technical staff, project management, and sales/marketing personnel to provide outsourced IT network management
  • Work with customers either remotely or onsite to management, troubleshoot, update, and upgrade computers, servers, networks, security devices, and other network peripherals
  • Provide first and/or second level support using industry standard Help Desk ticketing system to meet published SLA’s
  • Perform daily flight check tasks based on customer requirements
  • Work with leading edge IT managed services software platforms to monitor, update, and troubleshoot client IT networks
  • Use customer relationship management software to track client project, network, and personnel information
  • Perform network upgrades and updates including server updates, workstation updates, firmware, switch, router, and other network peripherals.
  • Rack, stack, install, and set-up servers and other network peripherals (i.e., switches, routers, storage)
  • Collaborate with PTS senior technical staff and customers to perform server, storage, and other assessment services
  • Identify, design, and troubleshoot backup, recovery, and archiving solutions
  • Develop, design, and deliver Microsoft Active Directory solutions, including deployments and migrations.
  • Installation and testing of data cabling
  • Installation and servicing of rack-based UPS and PDUs
  • Installation and servicing of environmental monitoring and IP monitoring solutions
  • Work with clients and PTS personnel to relocate IT and facilities equipment in terms of de-commissioning, de-rack, move, re-rack, and re-commission

If you're interested in applying, please complete this form, or call PTS at: 1-866-PTS-DCS1 (866-787-3271)

Pete Sacco, PTS, and Allison Boen
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