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12 Jun 2008

PTS Data Center Solutions Turns 10-Years Old!


Time flies like the wind. Fruit flies like bananas.— Groucho Marx All kidding aside, time really does fly! It’s hard for me to believe, but it was a decade ago that we founded PTS Data Center Solutions (known way-back-when as Power Technology Sales, Inc.). Our goal then, as it is now, was to provide our more...

23 May 2008

Article: “Changing The Oil In Your Data Center”


This is just a quick update before everyone heads out for the holiday weekend. If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to check out the May 16, 2008 issue of Processor magazine (Vol.30, Issue 20). Drew Robb interviewed me for his latest article, entitled “Changing The Oil In Your Data Center.” Maintenance neglect more...

7 May 2008

The National Data Center Energy Efficiency Information Program


Matt Stansberry, editor of, posted a blog entry on the National Data Center Energy Efficiency Information Program. I’m echoing his post here because energy efficiency is such a critical issue for the industry. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have teamed up on a project with aims to more...

25 Apr 2008

CFD Modeling for Data Center Cooling

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling is a valuable tool for understanding the movement of air through a data center, particularly as air-cooling infrastructure grows more complex. By using CFD analysis to eliminate hot spots, companies can lower energy consumption and reduce data center cooling costs. Mark Fontecchio at has written a great new article more...

15 Apr 2008

Free White Paper on Relative Sensitivity Fire Detection Systems


Fire detection is a challenge in high-end, mission critical facilities with high-density cooling requirements.This is due primarily to the varying levels of effectiveness of competing detection systems in high-velocity airflow computer room environments. In a new white paper, PTS Data Center Solutions’ engineers Suresh Soundararaj and David Admirand, P.E. identify and analyze the effectiveness of more...

25 Mar 2008

Reflections on the DataCenterDynamics Conference


Earlier this month, I had the honor of speaking in two separate sessions at the DatacenterDynamics Conference & Expo in New York City. My first presentation, “The Impact of Numerical Modeling Techniques on Computer Room Design and Operations,” was well received by its 60 or so attendees. Based on audience feedback provided both during and more...

26 Feb 2008

Are the Uptime Institute’s Data Center Rating Tiers Out of Date?

data center design, tier performance standards, uptime institute

Let me start by saying I have the utmost respect for the Uptime Institute’s Pitt Turner, P.E., John Seader, P.E., and Ken Brill and the work they have done furthering the cause of providing some standards to an otherwise standard-less subject like data center design. However, as a data center designer I feel their definitive more...

15 Feb 2008

Facebook user? Add yourself as a fan of our blog!


Do you have a Facebook account? If so, you can help spread the word about the Data Center Design blog by joining our newly created Facebook Page. Be among the first to hear about blog updates, speaking engagements and other upcoming events. Click here to view the Facebook Page for PTS Data Center Solutions and more...

13 Feb 2008

Are “free” computer room site assessment services worth the money you pay for them?

computer room site assessment service, data center consulting, OEM

It has become commonplace for the myriad of IT and support infrastructure OEMs to offer free site assessment services in an effort to woo clients into purchasing their equipment. While it was already difficult enough for small- to mid-size design consulting service providers to build credibility and brand-identity in the ultra-competitive world of computer room more...

5 Feb 2008

PTS’ 2008 Predictions for the Data Center Industry

data center predictions, industry trends for 2008

I consider myself a veteran of the data center design industry. Additionally, I have the good fortune to visit as many as fifty data centers and computer rooms in the course of a year. And while I have seen good ones and bad ones, they all seem to share certain commonalities. As a result of more...