Yearly Archives: 2008

23 Dec 2008

Data Center Energy Efficiency in 2009


In my last post, I talked about how it will be more important than ever for data centers to increase their operating efficiencies in the coming year. But, as I’m sure you know, this isn’t a new issue. Boosting energy efficiency in data centers has been a major concern for the past few years, in more...

4 Dec 2008

Get the Most Out of Your Data Center in 2009


With the economy in turmoil and fears of recession keeping corporate budgets tight, it’s important that organizations get the most bang-for-the-buck with their IT resources. With that in mind, I’d like to recommend another article that looks to the coming year with a proactive mindset. Utility Automation & Engineering T&D and Electric Light & Power more...

18 Nov 2008

Top 10 IT Trends for 2009


Baseline, a magazine for technology leaders and business executives, just published a great slideshow on the IT trends to watch in 2009. Knowledge of the top industry trends can make your company more agile when it comes to implementing information technology and “can give your company the advantage it needs to do business in this more...

29 Oct 2008

PTS to Provide Services for Verari’s FOREST Container Data Center


I’m happy to announce that PTS Data Center Solutions has partnered with Verari Systems to provide design and construction services for Verari’s FOREST Container data center consolidation solution. The combination of Verari’s modular, portable data center that is deployable virtually anywhere, with the broad project expertise of PTS, provides organizations with a complete and secure more...

21 Oct 2008

Data Center Decisions Conference in Chicago


This Thursday, October 23rd, I’ll be a featured speaker at the 2008 Data Center Decisions Conference in Chicago, IL. This year’s conference will focus on four major topics: data center design, systems management, virtualization, and disaster recovery. While the pace of data center and facility design improvements has continually lagged that of IT systems demand, more...

2 Sep 2008

Ongoing Maintenance & Monitoring


It is an obvious truism that given enough time everything will fail. The only tool we have at our disposal to hopefully delay this eventuality is maintenance service. Unfortunately, it’s another truism that for most small computer room operations, this vital step is not performed. As is unfortunately typical, we often put off short-term inconvenience more...

11 Aug 2008

Receptacle Level Load Monitoring & Control


Power monitoring and control at the receptacle or rack level is a hot topic lately. Part of the interest can be attributed to the lure of the unknown – that feeling of “I’m not sure why I want it, but I’ll probably need it!” But there are some really solid reasons for data center managers more...

4 Aug 2008

New White Paper on Power Usage


Managing data center power usage is critical due to rising energy costs and diminishing supplies. But where do you start? To help answer this question, PTS Data Center Solutions in collaboration with Raritan, a leading manufacturer of power management products, developed a new white paper that examines the myths and realities of power usage in more...

17 Jul 2008

Tips for Handling Data Center Moves and Shortages of Space


Look for PTS Data Center Solutions in the July 11th issue of Processor magazine (Vol.30, Issue 28). Kurt Marko interviewed me for the feature article, “Need More Data Center Space?: IT Managers Are Faced With Options Ranging From Simple Housekeeping To Major Construction”. Adding data center space can be a complex and costly issue. If more...

1 Jul 2008

Data Center Energy Summit 2008

data center energy summit, silicon valley leadership group

On June 26th, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) held its first Data Center Energy Summit in Santa Clara, CA. The industry event focused on issues involving data center sustainability, energy efficiency and green computing. In conjunction with Accenture and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), the SVLG also unveiled a report containing real world more...