Yearly Archives: 2006

26 Dec 2006

New Year’s Resolutions for Data Center Solutions


Happy holidays, everyone! Each year, millions of people form New Year’s Resolutions in the hopes of making a change for the better. I encourage data center managers and other IT professionals to use this annual tradition as an opportunity to reflect on the data center solutions you want – or need – to adopt in more...

20 Dec 2006

Puzzling Over Effective Server Room Design


Creating an effective server room design is a bit like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment (which, I admit, some of us probably are), you wouldn’t get started on a puzzle without making sure you had all the right pieces or without looking at the picture on the box to more...

21 Nov 2006

Data Center Construction Made Easier


Based on first-hand experience, I can tell you that there’s plenty of stress involved and detail required in even a minor data center construction project. Compound this with a 24×7 availability requirement, and the quantity and complexity of systems required in today’s mission critical facilities and what you have is today’s typical data center construction more...

9 Nov 2006

Eco-Friendly Solutions: Build a Green Data Center


Recycled goods, alternative power sources and energy-saving technology are becoming commonplace in many homes and businesses. It’s a sign of the times as energy costs continue to climb and public concern over environmental issues grows. Data centers are not immune to this eco-friendly trend and, in fact, are reaping great benefits from going green. For more...

31 Oct 2006

The Pros and Cons of Data Center Colocation

colocation, data center colocation, data center relocation

Data center colocation plays a strategic role in modern IT operations. For many companies, it presents an attractive alternative to building and maintaining a sizeable data center. Housing servers and network equipment off-site does offer companies a number of benefits, but the picture isn’t as simple as black and white. Before you commit to colocation, more...

11 Oct 2006

Datacenter Solution: Server Virtualization


You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Does this folksy wisdom hold true when it comes to server virtualization? Virtualization is an increasingly popular datacenter solution that divides the resources of your physical server into multiple isolated virtual environments. Instead of maintaining one application per physical server, virtualization enables more...

29 Sep 2006

Tips for Handling Your Data Center Relocation


Nobody ever said data center relocation was easy. Although moving mission critical computer and communications equipment from one site to another is no simple task, it needn’t be an overwhelming one. With careful planning, any company can organize its people, manage the communications, implement a sophisticated design for the new site and move its data more...

14 Sep 2006

DC-power Sparks Interest among Data Center Designers


Rising data center power and cooling costs have renewed industry interest in DC-power, but is DC really a cure-all or just more snake oil? Up until this point, DC-power hasn’t been very attractive for a number of reasons. The large amount of copper wiring required for DC-power distribution is expensive and takes up valuable space more...

31 Aug 2006

Data Centers vs. Computer Rooms: What’s the Difference?

computer room, computer room design, data center, site selection

The differences between data center and computer room design don’t amount to a hill of beans for most people. The terms are often used interchangeably, but using them correctly makes a big difference if you’re trying to communicate with a data center design firm or an IT expert. If you want to sound like a more...

25 Aug 2006

Dark Data Centers: Dream or Reality?


I was just contacted by for my thoughts on this topic and thought it might be useful to share some information about it with you all here. If data center operators had only one wish, it would be this: build me a dark data center. Many of the daily problems that affect data centers more...