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June 13 

Chart House

Weehawken, NJ  

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Emerson 2012 Smart Solutions Tour  

May 16

PTS Headquarters

PTS showcased the SmartRow solution in our trailer and discussed approaches to improving data center redundancy

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Con Edison Energy 

Efficiency Summit
May 1
Hilton New York 

 PTS discussed green data center design approaches    

Learn About Powerful CFD Technology In the Data Center


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My Data Center's "Cooler" than Your Data Center. With the summer months coming, now's a great time to review your cooling solutions, review cooling redundancy, and perform a tune-up! Evaluating your cooling approach now also maximizes the time you have to plan, design, engineer, implement, and commission upgrades for when you'll need your cooling most in 2012 and 2013.

In addition to Data Center Cooling design, other topics include:

  • Solutions Showcase: High Density and Precision Cooling solutions for rack-, row-, and room-based approaches are highlighted. As always, we include the best-in-class vendors as we look for quality, flexibility, and value solutions for our clients. 
  • Educational White Papers: New white papers, interesting articles, and case studies are highlighted in our education section and available in the PTS Media Library.

As always, please think of us for your next data center project --- whether it is infrastructure, facility, or IT related.


Pete Sacco

President & Founder

PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc

Experts For Your Always Available Data Center

PTS Story: Selecting the Optimal Data Center Cooling Solution by Pete Sacco

A better way to think about data center cooling is to forget the notion of adding 'cold' to a room. Rather, think about air conditioning as removing heat from the room. Selecting the optimal cooling solution involves a deep understanding and comparison between the performance characteristics, capital expense (CAPEX), and operational expense (OPEX) of each potential configuration.


By selecting and leveraging experienced data center design consultants, a company can avoid costly mistakes and, worse, potential and expensive design changes down the road. By leveraging proven design approaches, such as Computational Fluid Design (CFD) design tools, and significant prior experiences, data center cooling design consultants should be considered as an integral part of the data center design team long before orders are placed, floors are installed, and cooling systems provisioned.


This article provides a deep dive into:

  • Establishing Suitable Design Criteria for Your Data Center Requirement
  • Reviews Leading Computer Room Air Conditioning Approaches
  • Provides an Overview of the Role Played by a Data Center Design Consultant


Read the Entire Article or Learn More by Contacting PTS.

PTS Data Center Solutions Showcase: Rack, Row, and Room-Based High Density and Precision Cooling Solutions

When it comes to efficient and effective data center, computer room, or server room cooling, Data Center Managers have a variety of choices depending upon their requirements. PTS cooling solutions range from ceiling CRAC units to rack-based solutions to InRow solutions to room solutions. 


In addition, PTS provides a variety of ancillary support systems such as Air Flow Management tools, raised floor systems, economizers, chillers, etc. This showcase provides a list of our solutions to meet your needs and provides access to PTS-recommended vendor solutions.

  • Air Flow Management Solutions  Solutions include Hot aisle isolationairlock panels, vinyl curtains, door enclosure systems, strip door, and hard-wall enclosures for cold-aisle and hot-aisle containment to deliver efficient data center design. Learn more...
  • Rack-Based Cooling Solutions   With the advent of denseRack Cooling System and ultra-dense server configurations, Rack-Based Cooling is becoming an excellent approach to cool dense blade server cabinets. This approach places the cooling and humidity appliances in extremely close proximity to the IT devices to be cooled and allows total isolation of these hot racks from the remainder of the data center. Learn more...
  • Row-Based Cooling Solutions  Traditional data center, computer room, and server room cooling methodologies provide room-oriented cooling which provides an entire room with cold air from centralized units at one end of the room. This approach is acceptable when power densities are minimal and, therefore, there are few hot spots in a room. Learn more...
  • Room-Based Cooling Solutions In large data centers Room-Based Room based cooling solutionCooling Solutions remain the most economical approach to cooling and, where appropriate and necessary, can be deployed in a hybrid environment with Row- and Rack-Based Cooling solutions. This approach is beneficial to data centers operating with a broad spectrum of rack power densities. Learn more...
  • Economizer Cooling Solutions Economizer systems can have a significant impact on energy usage. In many locations, economizers can be used to allow outside cool air to complement data center cooling systems and provide "free cooling" during colder months. Learn more... 

 Economizer Solutions    

  • Heat Rejection Solutions Heat rejection is essential to theHeat Rejection Solutions proper functioning of data centers, yet poor design and maintenance prevent many systems from operating at peak efficiency. Learn more...


Visit our site to learn more about
PTS Cooling Services and Solutions
 or contact PTS.

PTS Education & White Papers

WP and Media Library buttonWith energy consumption at its peak due to the summer heat and growing energy costs, we have posted below several new articles and white papers on data center energy consumption. 


Check out the latest white papers added to our website by signing in or joining our new PTS Media Library! We're sure there will be some interesting content for your reading pleasure. For up-to-the-minute educational information don't forget to check out the PTS Blog - Data Center Design and consider joining the LinkedIn Computer Room Design Group.

Data Centers' Power Use Less Than Was  Expected, NY Times Business Day Technology, published July 31, 2011

Data centers' unquenchable thirst for electricity has been slaked by the global recession and by a combination of new power-saving technologies, according to an independent report on data center power use from 2005 to 2010. Download 


Energy Consumption Is Plaguing the Data Center by nlyte

Forty percent of data center operational costs are attributed to power alone. By 2014, it will be more expensive to power a data center than to buy and manage the hardware in it. Download 


Best Practices Guide for Energy-Efficient Data Center Design by US Department of Energy, Federal Energy Management Program

This guide provides an overview of best practices for energy-efficient data center design which spans to categories of IT systems and their environmental conditions, data center air management, cooling and electrical systems, on-site generation, and heat recovery. Download

Small and Midsized Business Solutions Brief for Desktop and Application Virtualization by VMware As a small or midsized business, you  deserve the very best in IT. But taking advantage of the best shouldn't cripple your budget or force you to hire new people. Download  


In the News


PTS Data Center Solutions Open House Highlighted by Emerson Network Power Smart Solutions Tour  

Press Release, May 23, 2012

On May 16, 2012, PTS Data Center Solutions, a turnkey solutions provider specializing in data center and computer room consulting, engineering, infrastructure, construction, and maintenance services, hosted a half-day open house featuring the Smart Solutions by Emerson Network Power.

Read the Full PTS Press Release 


World Wildlife Fund Headquarters Leverages PTS Data Center Solutions for Data Center Design & IT Services

Architectural Record, May 16, 2012 


World Wildlife Fund sought out services from PTS Data Center Solutions to evaluate its current Data Center Environment. The study done by PTS compared various options that were available to WWF as a key component of the WWF Headquarters design located in the West End neighborhood of Washington, DC. PTS used its innovative data center design approach to meet schedule, scope, and budget requirements.


Read the Full WWF Article 


Emerson Network Power Welcomes Partners into Trellis Pilot Program

Press Release, May 8, 2012 


Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson and a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, today welcomed PTS Data Center Solutions and 10 additional channel partners into its Trellis™ Pilot Partner Program. The program is designed to enable this select group of Emerson Network Power partners to effectively and successfully support the Trellis data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform.  


Read the Full Emerson Network Power Press Release 


Read All PTS 'In the News' Activities Here 

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