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Data Center IT and Facility Managed Services by PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc.

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Managed Services – Outsourced IT & Facility Solutions

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PTS Managed ServicesPTS Data Center Solutions (PTS) provides comprehensive Managed Services programs for clients in need of Proactive IT and Facility management and support.

The service includes 24x7 remote monitoring of client networks, servers, workstations, and applications with options for onsite and remote proactive maintenance, help desk, facility monitoring and management, and IT strategic guidance.

Most IT and Facility maintenance companies provide service using the traditional ‘break-fix’ model where the provider receives fees when the client network is in distress. Traditional service provider business models are based on getting paid when clients experience downtime & when they lose access to critical business services.

The difference with the PTS Proactive Support model is that we make money when client networks are up and running. With that in mind, it’s in PTS’ best interest to keep client IT infrastructure operating smoothly.

In addition, unlike other vendors, PTS can provide qualified technical staff to maintain and service both the IT and facilities assets within the enterprise. These integrated capabilities allow PTS to deliver comprehensive Managed Services solutions.

Does Any of this Sound Familiar?

  • IT issues, who owns the problem?
  • Management involvement in IT issues
  • Staff wearing the help-desk hat
  • Downtime impacts on staff productivity
  • No after hours support
  • Inability to deliver critical business services
  • Incremental & incidental downtime adds up quickly
  • Soaring or unpredictable IT Costs
  • Limited or no budget for dedicated resources
  • Facility issues impacting IT

Drive IT Performance, Eliminate Security Risks, and Extend the Life of Your IT Assets

By leaving your IT infrastructure unmonitored and unmanaged, it will eventually fail, leaving employees idle and impacting your ability to do business. This will cost thousands of $$$ through the loss of productivity, revenue, and client relationships.

With PTS Managed Services, we monitor your network 24 x 7 and take corrective action before you even notice service degradation or specific problems. This allows you to concentrate on your core business, leaving IT issues, technical support, patch management, and back-up management to us.

Managed Services Managed Services from PTS
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Our Managed Services options give you the option to have all of your IT needs managed without having to hire full-time computer technicians.

PTS Managed Services include: strategic management, planning, day-to-day network management, network monitoring, security & vulnerability scanning, troubleshooting, help desk, and other IT and Facility solutions & management support. PTS’ Managed Services programs fit within the Monitoring & Management and the Operations & Maintenance phases in the progression of the data center, computer room, or server room project process as defined by PTS.

Managed Services

Services that Uniquely Provide the IT Infrastructure Stability Required for Clients to Focus on their Business, not their IT!

Features Benefits
IT Essentials A state-of-the-art, remote monitoring system provides PTS with advanced notice about problems with client IT environments before they can affect the business
Workstation Essentials Availability and Performance monitoring ensure company workstations are functioning optimally and efficiently
Data Backup Essentials With backup being so important for businesses today, PTS remote monitoring service allows for greater piece of mind knowing that client backups took place when they were supposed to take place
IT Security Essentials "Round the clock" security monitoring is constantly searching for weaknesses in the IT infrastructure
Data Center Facility Essentials PTS leverages leading monitoring, management, and preventive maintenance solutions to confirm the facility infrastructure is properly supporting the IT network
IT Consulting Essentials PTS Consultants deliver and review the health of client networks, outlining incidents and results at an executive level for business owners and management

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3 Levels of Managed Services

Managed Services depends upon many factors including:
  • Company and IT Infrastructure Size and Complexity
  • Applications and Database Structures Used Within the Business
  • Hours of Operation (i.e. 8 AM to 5 PM, 24 x 7)
  • Budgets

PTS provides three distinct levels of Managed Services, each with a rich set of included and optional services. At a basic level PTS Managed Services offerings include:

Service Levels Overview

Reactive Support

Provides 24 x 7 IT availability monitoring with problem identification. Potential IT issues are identified, categorized, and presented to the client for potential follow-up. Clients can choose to correct problems themselves or approve resolution by PTS technical staff.

Who Should Consider? Clients looking for a low-cost monitoring solution and a team of IT experts on call for support issues.

Proactive Support

Includes all Reactive Support capabilities plus IT network, server, and workstation maintenance and management, IT essentials, data backup, IT security, help desk, and troubleshooting. 

Who Should Consider? Clients needing a proactive IT maintenance and management platform and team to keep their IT infrastructure running at peak performance.

Comprehensive Support

Includes all Reactive and Proactive Support capabilities plus enhanced IT essentials, security, facility, IT consulting capabilities

Who Should Consider? Clients in need of a fixed IT spend with significant real-time IT management requirements, 1 hour response times, performance management, and IT strategic planning needs.

Features Reactive

24x7 IT Monitoring

Availability Monitoring



Onsite Maintenance of IT and Server Assets

Available at Standard
Hourly Rates



Offsite Maintenance of Workstations

Available at Standard
Hourly Rates



IT Essentials

Available at Standard
Hourly Rates

Wireless Management, Application Monitoring, Asset Tracking

Proactive Support plus
Performance Baseline & Virtualization Monitoring

Workstation Essentials

Available at Standard
Hourly Rates



Data Backup Essentials

Available at Standard
Hourly Rates

Management and Restores

Proactive Support plus
Solution Monitoring

IT Security Essentials

Available at Standard
Hourly Rates

Spy, Virus, Phishing Management

Proactive Support plus
Vulnerability Scanning, Security Monitoring, Policies, Configs, Anti-spam

Data Center Facility Essentials

Available at Standard
Hourly Rates

Available at Standard
Hourly Rates

Available at Standard
Hourly Rates

IT Consulting Essentials

Network Health Reporting

Network Health Reporting

Reporting plus
IT Strategy Planning & Recommendations, Website Surfing Analysis, Network Traffic Flow Analysis

Remote Help Desk Support

Available at Standard
Hourly Rates



Off Hours Support

Available at Emergency Hourly Rates (no guaranteed response time)

Available at Emergency Hourly Rates (4 hour guaranteed response time)

Some hours included with additional available at Emergency Hourly Rates (1 or 4 hour guaranteed response times available)


No guaranteed
response time

Guaranteed 4 hour response time with next business day onsite support

Guaranteed 1 or 4 hour response time with same day onsite support

To learn more about other PTS Data Center Operations and Maintenance Services, contact us or visit:

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