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1 Jun 2016

Need Help Managing your Assets?

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Need Help Managing your Assets?

Ever wonder how PTS is able to manage our hundreds of clients and thousands of assets? PTS’ Data Center Maintenance Management Software solution (DCMMS) provides a complete & integrated management platform for operational maintenance of a data center and its support infrastructure. DCMMS Features & Benefits Maps your entire asset inventory Manages your service & warranty more...

23 Aug 2012

The Importance of Data Center Site Cleaning

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Why Invest in Data Center Cleaning? Is It Really Critical to Professionally Clean My Mission Critical Facilities? Data Center Cleaning is NOT about the aesthetic appeal of a clean, dust-free environment. Rather, investing to maintain a clean data center is a vital service that can sustain the maximum operational life span of IT infrastructure equipment. more...

11 Apr 2007

Keeping It Clean in the Data Center

data center cleaning, data center maintenance, site cleaning

Spring is here. It’s the time of year when people throw open the windows, pull out the dust rags and fire up their vacuums for a burst of Spring Cleaning. This annual household ritual serves as a good reminder of the importance of regular cleanings within the data center environment. Regularly scheduled site cleanings help more...